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Hebei Jerry Pump Co.,Ltd.(Original Yutian Kelian Industrial Co., Ltd.)

Feb. 03, 2018

l Hebei Jerry Pump Co.,Ltd. A PCP experts. 

l Hebei Jerry Pump Co.,Ltd. ( Original Yutian Kelian Industrial Co., Ltd.) was established in 2002.

l The main products: Progressing cavity pump, G series electric single screw pump, precision rotor , stator ,special anchor for screw pump, variable-frequency control cabinet, tubing centralizer, sucker rod centralizer.

l  Today, Hebei Jerry offers the largest range of progressing cavity oil-well pumps. Hebei Jerry produces has own elastomers production system. All of the engineering and technical personnel in the Company have many years of experience in the research and design of the petroleum equipment and are in rich theoretical basis and practice.

l For many years, Hebei Jerry has operated and maintained a sound quality control policy. Our ISO 9001 ,API (American Petroleum Institute)standard remains a guarantee of reliability and quality.

l Our products are widely used in domestic CNPC (china national petrolem corporation)
CPCC (china petrolem chemical corporation)CNOOC (china national offshore oil corp) for the oil and gas engineering, and have been exported to Egypt, Oman, Venezuela, Kazakhstan, Chad and other countries. 

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